RapidReporterMac Now Available

I’ve always been a big fan of Shmuel Gershon’s Rapid Reporter note-taking tool. It’s subtlety and simplicity are the key combination of factors that make it such a success. It doesn’t hog the limelight, it doesn’t over-complicate things, and most importantly, it doesn’t take your attention away from your testing.

As an avid Mac user for many years, I have always lamented the absence of Rapid Reporter for the Mac, so when we had an intake of interns at Skyscanner this summer, I put a very talented chap, Ross Conyers to good use to create an OS X port of this wonderful little tool with nothing more than a MacBook Pro, a copy of XCode, a crash course in Apple’s Swift language (and me providing input for the duration, all with Shmuel’s blessing, of course).

As this endeavour was done on my company’s dime, we opted for distributing this to the masses via Skyscanner’s organisational github account. Source code, binaries, the lot. The github public repository can be found here

As most of you will just be looking to install and use it drop down into the RapidReporterMac folder and download/run the DMG and you should be good to go. We’ve tried to make it look and feel as close as we could to Shmuel’s original and have added some Mac specific keyboard shortcuts (see the README.md in the repo for details).

Happy note-taking, testers!

  1 comment for “RapidReporterMac Now Available

  1. 10th September, 2015 at 9:31 am

    Thanks Del, Ross and the Skyscanner’s team!!
    This is a great (and awaited) contribution to the community. I know it wasn’t easy!

    I’ll add the download link to the Rapid Reporter page.

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